PDFRun offers a variety of legal documents, tax forms, and other US document templates. You can find all available templates here: https://pdfrun.com/forms. Just choose category Government > U.S. Government > Taxes > Online Tax Forms.

We are continually updating our document offerings. If you want to Select a New Form in your account page. Follow the Steps below:

Step 1:
Login to your account by visiting this link: https://pdfrun.com/authentication

Step 2:
Click on Select form button in the dashboard.

Step 3:
Type Document Name or Keyword to Filter in the Search Bar.

Step 4:
Click “Select Form” button to visit the form and you will then navigate to the forms editor page.

  • How to delete forms in Member's Account
    • Step 1: go to members area dashboard
    • Step 2: Click View Details
    • Step 3: Click Remove to delete your forms in the admin dashboard
  • How to update and delete personal information
    • Step 1: In the admin dashboard, go to Personal Information tab
    • Step 2: Click Save Now Button if done

If you want to cancel your trial subscription in the website. Go to this page: http://support.pdfrun.com/support/home and then click “New support ticket”

Fill up the following fields: (a) Requester (b) Subject (c) Decription, and then click Submit button. Your request will be sent to the PDFRun’s Admin. If the admin is already done cancelling your trial subscription, you will receive an email to notify you that you are already cancelled in the subscription.